31 - Mom
When I chat with loved ones on skype I often  get the urge to touch the top of the screen like my hand rest on their  warm shoulder. Sometimes it feels like I’m touching a robot, but often  it adds a nice physical interaction to and pretty amazing technology. I  had gotten a few offers for skype hugs for this project, but this is  maybe the only time I thought it was appropriate to include.
It’s the last day of January and the last day of this project. It’s  also my Mom’s birthday. I think she had a good one, I wish I was there  to celebrate with her. I don’t think I’ve been home for her birthday in 6  years. She spent te evening at my brother’s house visiting with her  grand children. I captured this silly moment where my niblet Luke acts  as some kind of avatar for a hug with my mom. Thanks everyone.

30 : Tanisha
I had read the night prior about how a new  regulation may prevent me from boarding an airplane if my gender doesn’t  match my id. So… no more hand holding with strangers… or visiting loved  ones in far away places. Whether this is the reality of how the law  will play out or not, it pretty much fucked with my head all day. 
Luckily, Tanisha came over for supper. I made a nice vegan curry, and  she brought over a spicy hot pepper mix that we added. It was tasty. We  had a great talk and she helped distract me from my downer thoughts  that had been dominating my brain that day.

29 - Raphaële
On the bus between Kingston and Montreal. 
I had originally planned on going to Kingston with my friend Troy,  who had also worked on the video that screened. He’s adorable and I was  looking forward to hanging out with him, it had been a long time. But  due to complications he couldn’t make it.
Luckily my lovely lady, Raphaële, was able to take Troy’s seat at the  last minute. Which I’m super thankful for, we had a very good time. We  enjoyed a bunch of short queer films and ate at Kingston’s finest  poutine and burger shops, and enjoyed some lovely cuddles on the bus.

28 - Another Jess
I don’t know who this person. But pretty much  anytime I see a person with brightly colored hair, I think “one of us,  one of us, one of us.”
Anyway, this hug took place in Kingston. We were running out of time,  and I hadn’t hugged nearly enough people on camera. We had been hanging  around the “Sleepless Goat Cafe” which is a cute place, sorta the  kingston equivilant of “Le Cagibi” the place I hugged Lucas. I  approuched the till and explained my project to this super redhead named  Jess and she said “Sure, I’ll hug you,” or something like that. 
So yeah, Thanks Jess! You rock.
27 - Jess
I was invited to go to the Reel Out Queer Film and Video Festival in  Kingston, Ontario. A video I worked on was screened and I think it went  over well. By neat coincidence, my friend Jess also had a film screen  and came out too. What’s extra neat, is that when we met originally it  was when we were both visiting Calgary for a performance art festival…  well I think it’ neat… 
Anyway, Jess and I have been hanging out a bit more over the last few  months which has been great. I really enjoy their company, and I think  they are pretty incredible.
26 -Spooky, Cat

Still at my ex’s house. I was helping her  with some tech problems on her computer. Things seem to be going well  between us. It seems like we are both very different, so it is easier to  hang out and not have all sorts sad, nostalgic, potentially romantic  thoughts. These goddamn cats though, are breaking my heart. I miss them  so much. 
Spooky is a little princess. She was pretty upset when Monster showed  up, but she seems more content these days. She’s 4 years old or so, and  has big fluffy hair that hides how actually tiny her little body is.  Carla made her a little tutu, she doesn’t seem to mind wearing it.

25 - Monster, Cat
My therapist says I misinterpreted the term  self-care. Infact, lying in bed, hugging fur pillows and missing school, is  probably feeding my depression. She thinks this project is probably a  good idea cause it forces me to leave the house and find people to hug,  and hang out with. She also thinks hugging me for the project is still a  bad idea. (Technically this week I never asked, but I assume her  opinion hasn’t changed.)
So after my appointment, I went to my ex-wife’s and hugged my little  boy, his name is Monster. Carla and I adopted him from a friend who  found the little kitten on the street. He was probably only 2 or 3 weeks  old. So now I think he thinks, we are his parents. He’s very  affectionate and loving. I am glad he seems to remember me.
24 - Claire
Claire is a neat artsy lady I met on Tumblr. We both live in Montreal, so it didn’t take us long to realize that in Real life  there was only 2 degrees of separation in multiple ways. So now there’s only 1 degree.
Claire is also the person who pitched this whole Fun-A-Day project to  me in the first place. So I am glad we caught time to hang out, eat  pie, draw drawings and have a hug.
In the picture we are feeding each other pie, which was funny cause  we only thought of the idea after we had eaten so much pie… but it was  enjoyable none the less.
23 - The Wives
I am unclear about the origins of the wives and just how many their are and when and why they started calling  themselves that. But these are the three I know, Julia, Emma-Kate and  Leah. I met the three of them in performance art class at concordia. The  collaborate often and I had came to Julia and Dave’s loft to see a  dress rehearsal for a performance they are working on for the Rhubarb  festival in Toronto. I was particularly happy to see Leah, as she had  moved to Toronto a while back and I hadn’t seen her in like 3 years.  Wow.
Anyway, the lovely ladies liked the idea of my project and performed a  spontaneously choreographed tripple threat hug on me. It was awesome.  Special props to Emma-Kate for hugging my butt. 
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